World Vision recognized for outstanding work in Kenya

World Vision has been presented with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions toward the attainment of the Millennium Development GoalsExternal Link(MDGs) in Kenya.

Established in 2000, the MDGs provide a roadmap for eradicating extreme poverty by 2015.

‘A great tribute’

Awarded by the Millennium Development Goals Trust Fund, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts of organizations, individuals, and government entities toward achieving each goal.

World Vision in Kenya was specifically recongized for its contribution toward:

MDG Trust Fund executive director, Ben Omondi, noted that World Vision was the only institution that did not apply for the award, but was nominated due to community feedback.

He further noted that World Vision won the prestigious award because it was the only institution that attempted to address all the MDGs.

“This is a great tribute to World Vision’s programs and approach to development, and the determination of communities we work among to improve the quality of their lives,” says Pauline Okumu, the World Vision’s deputy national director in Kenya.