Everychild Foundation

Everychild Foundation

The Sherrill Foundation Supports Everychild

The Sherrill Foundation is proud to support the Everychild Foundation, a group of philanthropically-minded women who select one project to fund each year. The project must fill a critically unmet need of children in the Los Angeles area, easing suffering due to disease, disability, abuse, neglect or poverty.

In 2013, The Everychild Foundation awarded a $1 million grant to The Children’s Clinic, “Serving Children and Their Families” (TCC), a non-profit agency located in Long Beach. The three year grant will be used to launch the Everychild Bright Beginnings Initiative (EBBI), a program designed to identify and address the effects of toxic stress and chronic exposure to violence on infants, toddlers, and pregnant mothers.

The Sherrill Foundation has been privileged to support this wonderful organization for many years.


Everychild Foundation Grant Recipients

Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles Harbor

Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles Harbor

2012 – Alliance for Children’s Rights/Public Counsel
Creates the first large-scale project in the nation to provide comprehensive legal
and social services to adoptive and guardianship families within Los Angeles in
order to assure the placements succeed.

2011 – Centinela Youth Services
Funds to launch, sustain, and institutionalize the “Everychild Restorative Justice
Center (ERJC) over a three-year period. The ERJC will establish a regional
center adjacet to the Inglewood Courthouse to meet the needs of judges seeking
alternative to the junvenile justice system. Website: cys-la.org

2010 – Boys & Girls Clubs of Los Angeles Harbor
Funding for an expansion of the College Bound Program and creation of “The
Everychild College Bound University Web Portal” to provide college preparation
and counseling. Website: bgclaharbor.org

2009 – South Bay Counseling Center
Funds the implementation of “The Everychild Foundation Youth Career Pathway”
program over four years. The program will engage 900 low-income, at-risk, out
of school youth between ages 16 and 17 years old with information about career
and educational opportunities. It will also prepare 300 of these youth for career
pathways leading directly to living wage jobs in high growth industries through
training and education. Website: sbaycenter.com

2008 – St. John’s Well Child & Family Center
Implementation of the agency’s environmental health project called Healthy
Homes, Healthy Kids. Website: wellchild.org

2007 – Mar Vista Family Center
Construction of the Youth Center to house Youth for Youth, a youth-led
leadership and mentoring program. Website: marvistafc.org

2006 – Heart of Los Angeles Youth 
Renovation of Lafayette Park Community Center for free after-school, vocational, 
and inter-session programming in the Rampart District. Website: heartofla.org

2005 – Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital
Construction of universally accessible playground at an orthopaedic pediatric 
outpatient clinic. Website: orthohospital.org

2004 – Hillsides 
Transitional housing for foster youth who have aged out of foster 
care. Website: hillsides.org

2003 – Optimist Youth Homes 
Construction of a learning center for at-risk probation 
youth. Website: oyhfs.org

2002 – Violence Intervention Program 
Renovation and expansion of existing building to create a permanent center for 
psychological care of physically and sexually abused 
children. Website: violenceinterventionprogram.org

2001 – Wonder of Reading 
Renovation of restocking of 15 elementary school libraries as well as training of 
instructional reading volunteers. 

2000 – QueensCare 
Purchase and equipping of the first mobile dental clinic to serve 30 low-income 
elementary schools in the LAUSD. Website: queenscare.org