Board of Advisors


Charles DuPont

Charles has a passion for innovation and design and believes strongly in promoting creativity and the arts with his involvement in multiple philanthropic organizations and causes.

A business student at Southern Methodist University, Charles shares his mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, which coupled with a fascination for sociological trends, has already led him to found his first business.

Christiane Masiello

Industrial designer, artist, philanthropist, wife, and mother of two, Christiane Masiello brings to the Sherrill Foundation her mother Sherrill's passion for the arts and furthering opportunities for education.

Christiane believes strongly in service and currently sits on the Board of the Rhode Island Nature Conservancy, an organization working to address the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale.

Isabella Masiello

Isabella shares her mother Christiane’s love of the arts and architecture, and through her travels, studies, and work experience, she has fostered a strong interest in international affairs and development.

Isabella, a student of International Politics and Art History at Brown University, is currently balancing her studying with her volunteer work with kindergarten children at an inner-city school as well as helping her mother at the Rhode Island Nature Conservancy.